Hey Doc-

I know it has been a little more than a minute;) It took a while for me to see the difference and how much the PTS lifted… and it did my friend – we were successful – like magic… lol Below is my testimonial… I don’t know if you can use it but its honest and true.

Im a 53 year old woman who had severe PTSD for 50 years of my life… Only being diagnosed when I was 40 and then on a 13 year journey to treat my PTSD – without drugs. I am an over eater, over lover, over spender… over everything to deal with the intense bout of symptoms my PTSD afforded me… It ravaged my life, my opportunity of finding happiness, finding and keeping love, finding health and more importantly finding peace… I have incinerated all my relationships, my weight has fluctuated by 50 pounds up and down and up again… I have ran my finances into the ground and blown almost every opportunity in front of me with my outburst, extremest nature but most of all I’ve been running from myself into brick walls year after year. Plagued by suicidal attempts, 35 years of therapy, a failed marriage and a career that I could have been the best in my field in – but just barely skated by.

I found Dr Fleming in a moment of surrender – surfing google for something or someone to help me help myself before I was too old for any hope at happiness. On the new year of 2020 I worked with Dr. Fleming for 4 days – they were not the easiest, but they were also easier than living with my condition.

Today is September 19th, 2020… I bought my new home, lost my job during Covid and found an even better one. allowed myself to date, left some friendships and had some friends leave me, fall for someone and recognize the signs of what was not good enough for me… What I am describing is a “healthy” life… During all the changes, disappointments, endings and renewals of the last 9 months I felt no fight or flight PTSD… That intense feeling that brings you down to your knees – emotion over logic, devastation over reality… That incessant pounding of doom, of intense abandonment that would take me to the brink of agony – where my self loathing walls would swallow me whole. today I dont cry like the world is spinning around me, feeling worthless and abandoned with every ending. Today I feel good about me, I can assess situations and people without those distorted eyes, that twisted heart that made me feel unworthy of love.

Today, I feel “ok”… Today I feel love and awe in myself… I feel the ok I assume most people feel around me… the people who seem like they got their shit together, they feel entitle to be loved and to win… today I know i am worthy of winning, of being loved. Dr. Fleming can’t give me back the last 50 years, but he gave me shot at the next leg of my journey. The rest is and will be up to me.

I wish you all well on your journey, and urge you to have the courage to “just do it” – it will save your life, it will give you your life back.

Thank you Dr Fleming, you gave me the chance i had been dreaming and wishing for since I was a little girl. I may a woman now, but this gave me some of my innocence and hope back.

GinaToronto, CA
Kevin really knows his stuff, and his expertise makes the treatment effective. But his kindness and compassion make the whole experience beautiful. As someone with neurological challenges, I found the treatments to be clarifying and settling. I was surprised that the treatments also reopened a deep sense of acceptance and intimacy with myself. My friends commented that it seemed as if a cloud had been lifted from me. Deep thanks Kevin
Nance PettitMS Psychology, MAC Accupunture
Asheville, NC

“Prior to working with Dr. Fleming I felt that I had a solid outlook and a clear direction which I desired for my life. However, I was experiencing a sort of “undulating cycle” and never really broke through the top of each prior phase with my efforts. The brakes were always being applied shortly after a small success beyond a previous “high mark” so to say.

I somewhat skeptically engaged Dr. Fleming for help in learning how to obtain this upward shift in my life which I so much desired, but had given me resistance over and over again. So in I went with my skeptical yet open mind. Dr. Fleming immediately jumped right in with his genuine and unique approach to finding out what really matters most to a person. Within a few weeks I had realized a monumental shift in my own self with regards to what truly mattered at my core versus what I had been striving for year after year. This all occurred prior to the neurotech work and was already a complete success as far as I was concerned. On top of the amazing results I already experienced with Dr. Fleming’s coaching, the effects of the neurotech process were immediate for me. An instant clarity within myself, an unveiling if you will, had occurred. During the week of going through the neurotech process I even experienced quite an emotional curve ball from a personal situation that would have typically sent me off balance for weeks. Instead, my mind was able to process the event and come back to a balanced emotional state overnight. It has been less than a week since receiving the neurotech treatment and I feel an overall calm within myself, very grounded, yet free to experience life as it really is. It is like being reset back to a feeling I had within myself 20 years ago, yet I now have the privilege of living in this state of mind with the hindsight of experience. Truly amazing. Thank you.”

R.C.Long Island, NY

“A couple of weeks ago I did Dr. Fleming’s Neurotech Brain-Work hoping for some real change. I have struggled for many years with some issues around feeling anxious and getting easily overwhelmed or scattered which was limiting me in my ability to move forward in the way I was envisioning I could. It was like my desire was right on track but my brain wasn’t following it.

I had tried many things over the course of the years but I still could not get the changes to stick for longer than a few days, a week at best.

I am now a True Believer in the work he offers. I felt changes were happening during the treatment, but could not quite place them. By the following week and weeks I began to really notice the shifts! There is more stability, focus and calmness in me. I have not felt that so palpably in the last decade. I am so inspired by what he offers that I have jumped on board in fully supporting his work and the benefit it can bring to those who are struggling with a need for positive change that actually works .

Thank you Dr. Fleming.”

Rebecca M JustoMiami, FL

“Dr. Fleming’s neurotech work with me was real, immediate, and synergetic in nature. I felt an improved sense if general well being after my first session, and the results compounded from there. My girlfriend said after the first two days that she had never never seen me this happy and relaxed since we met in May. I slept better, had a better mood, and was FAR less prone to bulimic tendencies -the thoughts, urges, eye simply faded. They didn’t vanish but they’re controllable now and fade more every day.

This is key because I simply didn’t prior to treatment, not for the past seven years. Since I had this so long the memory of it is still strong and therefore it’s not completely out of my life. However, the urges are controllable, as are the side issues. I sleep like a baby now…….The before/after snapshots of my life are very different, in a very good way. You know that Claritin commercial where the film is pulled back and the lady sees life clearly? It’s exactly like that for my mental state.

Thank you again. This has been life changing”

DavidCollege Student, San Antonio, TX

“Grey Matters International, Inc provides a well-needed service in the sometimes trite and overly-motivation-based self and organizational development market. If you are seeking true behavior change solutions that last, Dr. Fleming’s thinking and tools are the way to go…..”

Bill BartmannNational Entrepreneur of the Year

“I am a single, well-educated mother of two children one of whom has a learning disability. Unfortunately, my little family of three has had to deal with difficulties related to a painful, sudden divorce, issues with their father who may have a personality disorder as well as childhood depression and other challenges of life.  Also, recently, my father whom I was very close to passed away and a two-year intimate relationship ended suddenly and extremely painfully.  As I felt that all too familiar feeling of sinking back into the disabling depression that I had battled back from several years ago, I fortunately came across Dr. Kevin Fleming’s website.

I wrote to Kevin using the form on his Website initially about my concerns about my son and within a day or so, he called me directly.  We spoke for over an hour about all three of us, what we had gone through and during that conversation I felt that someone finally understood the situation I was in and my overarching goal to help all three of us become more resilient to deal with the twists and turns of life.  My goal for myself was to not allow this blindsiding last blow of the long-term relationship suddenly ending to send me back into disabling, depressive episodes I had previously experienced when my husband also left me with no warning six years prior.  Kevin and I spoke about PTSD and I related to him how I felt I was re-experiencing the trauma of the last six years with the most recent, unexpected emotional events. I did not want to go back there and I wanted to be better emotionally for my little family.  I also wanted to help my children become more emotionally resilient to deal with the difficulties they face at times in school and at home with their Dad.

After speaking with Kevin, I read everything I could get my hands on about brain optimization technology.  Holding a Ph.D., myself, I understood that this was state-of-the-art technology with research still emerging but I held the testimonials in very high regard.  I read how Kevin’s approach made a difference for war veterans who recovered from persistent nightmares, a CEO who suffered most of his life from ADHD and social difficulties now living in a healthier way and others now free from dealing with depression, anger and rage.  I decided to pull the trigger for myself first trying Dr. Fleming’s techniques personally before exposing my children to them. Kevin answered all my questions, eased all my anxiety and I flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a week.

When I arrived in Tulsa, I was in an amazing amount of emotional pain based on the ending of the most significant relationship in my life feeling as if life would never get better and would always feel like I was “moving through molasses.”  I felt that my family, my work and my life were back in an acute phase of suffering once again but this time, I was determined to do something about it. I was nervous but went into the experience with an open mind. Dr. Fleming first mapped by brain explaining to me the first day that my right hemisphere that handles emotional reactivity was operating 400% more than my left. Kevin stated that like the war veterans he dealt with, my brain was continually operating like it was “under siege” awaiting the next emotional attack or for “the next rug to be pulled out from under me.”  He described my state of mind and experience exactly for the last six years as I had dealt with multiple legal and emotional events out of my control and confirmed what I could not describe to anyone that my brain perceived these events as emotional trauma. Like the war vets, I was re-experiencing post traumatic stress and my brain was relying on the former stress related pathways I think established six years prior. Kevin very clearly explained that through his technology we were going to try to re-direct the electrical system of my brain to rebalance it as well as create new pathways.

That week went fast with two relaxing, non-invasive sessions each day. I began to feel effects as soon as the second day. I felt lighter, more positive, and very relaxed.  At the end of the week, Kevin and I parted friends and I went home to move forward in my life but not before confirming two spots for my children later in the summer.  A month later, the three of us spent our summer vacation in beautiful Wyoming each of them having two sessions for five days each. At the conclusion of the sessions, my child with learning disabilities and other significant challenges, said he felt like,  “…the static in his brain was reduced and there was now less continual static going on.”  My other child without these challenges but some sadness said she felt “…much happier and having more energy.”  Over the last two months, I have noticed differences in their attitudes,  affect, responsibility and maturity that I had not seen prior to time spent with Dr. Fleming. My son, remarkably, now remembers to take his own medication, focuses better on tasks and my daughter seems more at peace with life and less emotionally vulnerable.

I will sincerely state that I think Dr. Kevin has helped me achieve what seemed like a totally elusive goal at the time. I feel I am more emotionally balanced, resilient and able to be the type of mother I want to be – one that is not letting life and events out of my control completely emotionally devastate me anymore. I am more focused, more productive and am able to accomplish the demands in my life with an even temperament more than ever before.  I no longer feel like an emotional victim but in more in control of our lives and futures. I am eager to see the full effects of this treatment for my children during this upcoming school year but I can definitively say that two months out we are all less emotionally volatile, more thoughtful, more productive and truly are enjoying each other more.

I have not studied neuroscience but I would state that this brain optimization experience was incredibly powerful, uninvasive and totally different than traditional talk therapy or the psychopharmacological solutions that are so often prescribed in situations like ours.   The results for me evidence a much more subtle perceptive effect than medication but somehow one that seems overall more effective and enduring. And the results I wanted for us happened after spending only one week with Dr. Fleming which I find truly amazing. My children and I are more resilient and seem to be able to allocate attention and emotions in an improved way. This is not something that can always be shown in a statistically significant study but I can fully attest to the power of this technology as a positive catalyst in my own life.  My thinking, my work, my emotional reactions and most importantly, living my life has a clarity and a feeling of balance and presence that did not exist prior to treatment with Dr. Fleming and for that, I am truly thankful.

My little family, that has seem to have continually been on an emotional roller coaster over the last few years with painful experiences of which we had no control over, is now functioning as a strong unit of three that seems to be able to better deal with the what the world might deliver.  We are happier, more centered, with less mental and emotional static in our lives.  I am now a calmer, better mother who can now model the things I want to for my children – resilience, emotional strength and true balance.  I cannot recommend Dr. Kevin Fleming’s services any higher than to say that I am now eager to see what the future holds for all three of us.  I truly believe that after Dr. Fleming’s treatment, all three of us can rise to great heights, deal with whatever life brings and that the future for myself and two children is very, very bright.


“I have been afflicted with anxiety for many years and struggled daily with worry and panic until I met Dr. Fleming. I am a 53 year old entrepreneur and have started and managed multiple businesses from manufacturing and building to security and surveillance. Everything  in my life was fine until about 2005 when anxiety, panic and worry set in. I believe the tremendous amount of stress I incurred from business, raising family, extreme hours and dealing with problems, and issues over many years attributed to this illness.

I lived with this problem for several years not knowing what was going on with me, it was Christmas 2008 when I felt like I was having a heart attack that I rushed myself to the hospital only to find out there was absolutely nothing wrong with my heart or anything else for that matter. This happened to me several times through out the next couple of years. I consulted my long time physician and he told me that I had acute anxiety and put me on Xanax. This did seem to ease the anxious moments for a while but really played havoc with my memory.

I then began looking for a more holistic approach to cure myself of this dreaded problem as it was affecting everything I did including family, work and relationships. I started reading, watching and listening to everything I could find related to anxiety, worry, panic, etc. some of the material helped me understand what was going on but it was tough for me to completely help myself. I then realized that I needed to seek professional help. I researched, called and questioned several Dr’s, therapist and mental health professionals and did not like any of the methods I saw. In my research I came across Dr. Kevin Fleming, I gave him a call and we spoke about my issues for a while, I was convinced that he knew what he was doing and decided to retain his services.

Dr. Fleming started out with a very professional approach to understanding exactly what I was going through. We first met face to face over lunch and he let me explain my situation thoroughly. He then set forth a plan of action for me to follow which I did on a daily basis. We would communicate back and forth daily via e-mail, text and phone and then meet to move to the next level. I am very impressed with Doc’s professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the mind and neuro system. Through the use of text, tests and written/oral material he was able to analyze my issues and allow me to specifically focus on changing my thought processes which changed my life.

This was a 90 day Journey that has allowed me to live again. The final stage was the use his innovative quantum-based neurotechnology which is a process of re-aligning the neural networks back to the original state that they need to be working in. This too was amazing.

I want to Thank Dr. Fleming for helping me through a very troublesome time in my life. I continue to this day using the techniques that he has taught and consulted me on.

Thanks Doc!”

Jim ClarkCEO, Laser Specialties
Tulsa, OK

“My experience with Dr. Kevin Fleming exceeded all of my expectations. I went into this process hoping to recover from some re-occurring obsessive behavior in my life and serious loss in confidence and self esteem. After 4 days of work with Dr. Fleming I left beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming with a clear and focused mind. I was completely relieved of my anxieties. It’s been 2 months since my engagement w/him and I have completely regained happiness and confidence and power in my life. This was an incredible experience and I would recommend this to anyone feeling trapped in there own mind.”

Kristen Vander HoevenFashion Model
Toronto, Canada

“Before meeting Dr. Fleming I was always an anxious kid. For years I spent so much time and money on therapists and drugs that only ended up making life more confusing leaving me feeling completely lost through most of my adolescence and young adulthood. After trusting Dr. Fleming’s technology within a couple weeks I was sleeping better, have had better relationships with my family and friends, and feel overall more level headed. I was a little apprehensive about trying the technology, but I feel it has leveled me out in a way that I finally have a rational sense of my thoughts and emotions. It’s amazing how negative thoughts and emotions were ruling and overpowering my day-to-day life. Although life will never be one hundred percent stress free, I feel that I now have the power and control over my choices and my own well being. Through Dr. Fleming’s one on one sessions I’ve learned so much about my mind and how to maintain balance.”

Kristen BensonPortsmouth NH