“You know Kevin, its a strange feeling, its like I’m in the eye of a storm. Things are swirling around me but in the center, where my real self is, calm and quiet. I can see and feel the out side stress but it stays outside. I am more calm than I have been in at least 30 years. I contribute this to the brain work you did on me….”

CarlE.R. Physician

“I would sincerely like to thank Dr. Kevin Fleming for the unique take on behavioral based coaching. Dr. Fleming exuded warmth and sincerity enabling me to work through my thoughts, in a safe and comfortable environment. Dr. Fleming’s use of technology changed my reactions to prior negative experiences allowing me to to forward in a positive light. Recommended to anyone growing in a alcoholic family.”

ColleenFilm Production Accountant

“Had a problem with OCD. Kevin was instrumental in helping me where others weren’t. He has brought the science of the mind into new frontiers.”


“Dr. Fleming’s coaching and brain technology did wonders for me upon my return from my tour of duty in Iraq during the Middle East war. Before I received my treatment from him, I was always quick with my temper. When I was in public I always kept my head on a swivel, with my head working overtime—as in, overworked, overstressed, over thinking nonstop. Since working with him, my head is clear, I can sleep through the night, and finally I have not had any more nighmares, affiliated with trauma re-experiencing. This is a HUGE relief! You see, before meeting him, my head was constantly in a fog and as a result I was making some very poor decisions that forever changed my life. I would beat myself up….. and now, I am thinking clearly, i am happier, and I feel secure. Things are looking better for me, through my eyes, for my life”

Army Specialist Matthew M. Moore63DH8, Houston, TX

“Dr. Fleming’s brain-based coaching techniques and strategy literally turned my life and career around. The brain technology he uses set the stage for shifting around an emotionally reactive consciousness I was completely unaware of prior to engaging him. Sure, I read all the Harvard Business Review articles on great leadership behaviors and work/life balance ideas, but until your brain “gets the memo” these ideas don’t take root. I was on the path to a huge burnout, with financial and emotional consequences looming big time when I called in Dr. Fleming in to spend some time with me in NYC. His insight and kindness was a great combination on top of this powerful brain technology and since then I have experienced amazing growth and tangible outcomes. Increased financial gain, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and “smarter not harder” productivity decisions. One of the best strategists on changing behavior out there on the market—bar none.”

Michelle RowellSenior Vice President

“Before meeting Dr. Fleming and utilizing his unique brain-based services, my pre treatment condition was not so good and I was running out of ideas. I had been working at night for more than 5 years. My sleeping schedule was irregular to say the least. My usual routine was falling asleep for 2 hours right away, waking up unable to fall back asleep, laying in bed all day too tired to do anything productive but not tired enough to fall back asleep, and then crashing just in time to hear the alarm clock wake me for another night. By the end of the week I was exhausted. I would sleep through Friday night and my weekend consisted of really just Saturday. Sunday I needed to try and sleep again in the afternoon so I could gear up for another week of the same.On top of that I had been having issues for years thinking on my feet. I would describe it as my brain would get ” stuck ” as I would work though math problems or struggle to understand a new concept at work. I’d compare it to the way that a computer freezes sometimes as it boots up or a car stalls on a cold winter day. I had a concussion playing college football. I don’t recall much about it other than that I couldn’t read for a whole week after the event. I was never certain if my brain issues were a result of the hits, the lack of sleep, or a combination of the two. I AM certain that the treatment has changed my situation.The first day that I did his procedure my mind was more focused and I slept better than I had in years. The sticky feeling was gone by the end of 1 week of treatment. I had more energy at work and more time for social activities because I was sleeping again. Other people noticed. My stamina also increased. No more collapsing 3/4 of the way through the day. Coworkers could count on me to remember things that we discussed at the end of my shift and my girlfriend could count on me to remember to bring the milk home from the grocery store. The best part about it is that the fog hasn’t returned. I’m still sleeping better than ever and my thoughts are flowing freely. Thank you!!!”

Eliot BaresFinancial Securities Trader

“I wanted to thank you again for helping me overcome my restless leg problem. I have tried everything imaginable and nothing worked until I tried Grey Matters. It has been about 6 months and I still do not have any problems with my feet or legs. I’m glad I researched the different Neuroscience options since they are not all created equal. I would highly recommend Grey Matters. Thanks again for letting me sleep at night. I feel great.”

Norm FarrarOwner, Hawaii Island Recovery, CEO, Flatworld Network
Praise for Dr. Fleming’s Brain Optimizing Technology

I am enjoying the following changes in my state of mind as a result of Dr. Fleming’s methodologies:

  • Centeredness
  • Focus
  • Calm
  • Reflectiveness

I find myself considering the multiple facets of a problem and the consequences of different responses rather than simply reacting.

While the desire to drink alcohol continues to arise from time to time, the intensity is muted. Likewise, the accompanying sense of frustration and anxiety which formerly haunted me has virtually dissipated. It is liberating to not scrape through each day with the brain-grit accompanying a low grade hangover. My productivity at work is steadily increasing as a I define and attack tasks from a more balanced perspective; I am knocking off tasks which I avoided in the past.

I view my life and each day with anticipation and purpose.

Steven JonesSoftware Quality Engineer