Ari D. Kotler

This isn’t just the mundane of ‘lets talk about it’. It’s the support and encouragement to move forward in life, contemplate morality, evaluate personal strengths, weaknesses, success and happiness, and his willingness to call you on your baggage. Dr. Fleming keeps it real!

Alane D Fraser

Dr. Kevin Fleming’s enlightened guidance helps those he works with learn to bridge together the consequences of their past to becoming productive insights into their future. He has inspired me personally to understand my weaknesses and build upon them until they have become empowered strengths.

Tom Morris

As a man of unusually acute insight, Kevin is a real expert on what holds people back and keeps them from attaining their true potential. He has served as a private executive coach to some of the most accomplished people in the country, and has an uncanny knack for speaking the truth effectively into their…

Diane French

After attending Kevin’s session on Coaching, my team has realized coaching is so much more than telling people what we expect in order to achieve our goals. It is really understanding where THEY are and what can we do to understand their commitment and enthusiasm to our mission and goals. So much of coaching is…

Laura Herring

After employing Dr. Fleming’s management training and intensive executive coaching services, we grew as a company 46% the following year and while I do not believe Kevin was totally responsible, he was essential for paving the way for my team to work together in an unprecedented manner

Eric Wholley

Until working with Dr. Kevin Fleming, I’d always wondered what was stopping me from having a full life. For years I’d suffered the see-saw of work success OR personal life success. And, the people around me seemed to have the same troubles. While I was alternating between work and personal focuses, however, I often alternated…