After suffering a burnout following several months of significantly high stress in my role as a CFO; I went searching for support to help me through a program of recovery. I was having significant sleep issues and feeling a lot of anxiety. For the first time in my life I took a medical leave as the level of anxiety, stress and insomnia took a significant toll on me.
I discovered Dr. Fleming after looking into alternative treatments as I was not interested in taking any type of medication; however I knew I needed assistance.

After a number of emails and text conversations with Dr. Fleming, I decided to fly to Tulsa for neurotech work. Dr. Fleming is a true professional, he truly cares about making a difference and his approach reflects a duty of care, warmth, a concern for his clients, smarts/intelligence and an ability to adapt treatments based on what shows up, his instincts and extensive experience.

After 4 days in Tulsa, I came back home feeling calmer, reduced anxiety and most importantly my sleep improved significantly. I discovered that my brain was super aroused and Dr. Flemings work helped to reduce the level of arousal and related anxiety. Through Dr. Fleming work, I also discovered that my neurotransmitters where low and not balanced. The suggested supplements helped to rebalance the neurotransmitters and contributed to my recovery. I am really thankful to Dr. Fleming for his alternative approach, professionalism and the care and concern he show to me.

RobToronto, Canada

When I first contacted Dr. Fleming, I was suffering long-term trauma and grief due to my husband’s progressive illness and ultimate suicide. Left in shock, with two teenagers, a mortgage, and a business to run, I turned to alcohol. I was self-medicating my problems, making them worse, and didn’t know where to turn. I tried many ways of treating or solving my problems, and none of them created the result that I was seeking.

Dr. Fleming was immediately responsive to my situation, and happened to have a trip planned to my area several weeks later. He was able to fit me in and we worked intensively together over four days. He was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, straightforward, and wise throughout the process.

What had seemed like a hopeless situation is no longer hopeless. I feel like a new person, or my “old self” from many years ago. Working with Dr. Fleming has changed my life for the better. I no longer need alcohol, I am sleeping better, I feel more calm and relaxed than I can remember, and I have new tools for moving forward.

Dr. Fleming’s treatment process works!

KHSeattle, WA

Dr. Fleming saved our marriage. If you read nothing but this, know that we didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel either. After years of riding an emotional roller coaster and both us being at our wit’s end, we found and contacted Dr. Fleming. His straight forward, no B.S. approach appealed to us as we are receptive to that kind of communication style and felt we no longer had the ‘time’ to invest in our relationship or saving it, for that matter. This is not the traditional therapy route; his approach is real, raw and holistic. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. He is worth every penny, he kept our family together.

Allie and NickSan Jose, CA

I met Dr. Kevin Fleming, “Doc”, in mid 2018. I was searching for answers to what I described as a “career midlife crisis”. I was very frustrated dealing with “fight or flight” responses to many issues and knew that I needed a different approach. Doc connected with me immediately and after several exchanges online, he went to work. With his coaching coupled with the neuroscience session, I began to feel more centered and balanced in my emotions and decision making. I truly feel I had a breakthrough for which I am grateful. Thank you Doc!

JTDallas, TX

The discovery of Dr Fleming and his neuro work was an answer to my prayers in finding help for my son. Patrick was suffering from severe trauma resulting from two different auto accidents that left him filled with anger and eventually rage. I knew therapy alone would not be enough and felt in my mind and heart this made sense. Something had changed in him after the last accident. After talking with the Doc about how the neuro would work my son agreed to give it a chance. As he started the sessions he was unsure but the Doc involved him in explaining the science and things began to change. Every session my son was becoming more engaged , relaxed, and positive. It was amazing !!

Thank you Dr Fleming for changing our lives and giving us back our son. Patrick is on his way to new things and looking to his future.

Forever Grateful our paths have met!

L.S.HuntAustin, TX

Dr. Fleming provides customized and highly effective growth paths for his clients, and in an innovative and well-researched manner.

John Townsend, Ph.DNew York Times bestselling author, founder of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, psychologist

Dr. Fleming walked with me through a season of deep grief as I faced the end of my 34 years of marriage. He helped me to hold two very different narratives without explanation, judgment or justification. He challenged me to make personal choices true to my compass of Biblical grace and mercy. The Neurotech work was peculiar, unsettling then peaceful and empowering.

I recommend Dr. Fleming’s expertise to those willing to honestly swim in the deep to find peace.

EKSSeattle, WA

I am very excited to write you my testimony of how Doc Fleming is working to make my life a wonderful place to be in! I am becoming a new woman-the woman-I was created to be! Not a person full of anxiety, depression, anger, torment and irrational behavior and thinking! When I contacted Doc whom I came across by the grace of God. I was in pretty bad shape. No, the people around me weren’t aware of my inner turmoil and darkness. I was a pretty good at masking and I kept a safe distance. My family who are closest to me was affected by my behavior. I saw I was driving my 5 children away, separated from my husband of 37 years for 2 years now. They couldn’t understand it. Exteriorly it seemed like I had everything. But something was very wrong in my heart, soul and mind. I had been in and out therapy for 20 years! They all had some pretty interesting theories and some —got me deeper into a downward spiral.

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So… 20 years later God grants me an answered prayer and I meet Doc Fleming! I went for what he calls the “Full Monty.” Right away he gave me hope with his great insight into my life which I laid bare to him. First of all, he told me he couldn’t do the neuro tech work until I had my spiritual house in order. He worked diligently to get me in touch with a specific priest that would help me with the spiritual warfare going on in my soul. That was incredible and doc monitored me the whole time always explaining and encouraging.

Over the past 5 years I had really started letting myself go. I just didn’t care about my taking care of myself. I was drinking too much wine and gained 35 pounds. Sorry that I let this happen, I tried with no avail to undo this damage. But doc…that 1st week we started -not by any pressure but purely inspired me to exercise, change my diet and miracle-stop the ‘3 bottle a week’ wine! I haven’t felt this good and I don’t give into the pressures of all the unhealthiness that surrounds me.

When we met for the neuro tech work I was ready! He drove three hours in the snow to get to me! It is so inconceivable how wonderful the experience is. The 4 days passed too quickly and each of the 4 days I left with a clearer fresher mind! Doc had to do all the work. I got to enjoy peace. My brain, he showed me was definitely wound up and wired to the max! No wonder I was having such depression and anxiety. I can’t even begin to tell you how smart Doc is but also very down to earth in explanations! He rewired my brain! Whew! It was like the Holy Spirit blew through me. It’s been 2 weeks since the neuro work and what I notice is I wake up refreshed without the alarm (4:30 am), clearly I am discovering learned behaviors I’ve been doing on automatic that keep me from being the authentic me. *There hasn’t been a dark day of torment and pain! The moments of angst are dealt with immediately and include a learning skill from the help of doc.

[Now for the harder part…to keep my brain from returning to it’s old habits and searching why and how I got to be the way I was. Sure I knew from my 20 years of therapy that I am the child of drunken socialites for parents, my mother is narcissistic, and controlling. I made many extremely bad choices in life because in my younger years I thought that was what you did in life- have fun, flirt with danger and look sexy. That was until my 3rd child died of an unknown illness. After that I spent years wanting to die myself but also becoming more aware that life as I thought it- was not real and I needed to change.]

Doc has made me aware of the deep fears that lie within me and that make me act (unconsciously for the most part) in irrational, impetuous, lying, pouty little girl behaviors. Full of so much anger and tormented pain!

Magic? No! I believe God is working through Doc! He has a God given gift and is using it to better the world.

The exceptional references that pop out of his brain just for my help… books, quotes, web sights, prayers, just a wealth of information… Oh yes, let me not forget his music! They all broaden my horizon!

He understands me and he’ll understand you! His price is worth every penny …. I would take out a loan if you have to for the ‘full monty”!

And so Doc, I thank you for the millionth time! I’m counting on every moment we have left to work together that I will be made free from the chains I have worn for too long!

“What thanks can I give to God for all the love I’ve found within me to use for others because “you” are using your God given talents?”!!!

You are wonderful! Let our adventure continue!

I speak the truth in Sincerity and thankfulness to God,

Kim RayerPhiladelphia, PA

How can you put into words a miraculous change, and make it sound as believable as it is? As I sat in church the other day and listened to the Pastor deliver a sermon about grief and the five stages of grief, I thought of my personal relationship. The five stages are as follows: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All five stages of grief are normal as long as you don’t get stuck too long in any particular stage. As I thought of my personal relationship, I realized I had indeed been grieving the loss of a loving relationship and had moved through the first three stages and got stuck in the fourth; depression. That’s where I was when I first met Kevin Fleming; stuck in a seemingly hopeless state of “giving up”. I had lost my voice, my joy and my will. After the first day of neuro tech work with Doc Fleming, my emotions were all over the place. On a long walk afterwards, I laughed, cried, smiled and felt pure joy for the first time in a long while. Each following session proved to be moving me in the right direction of calm and well-being. Almost two weeks later and I cannot explain how different I feel. I have joy and confidence. I feel calm and at the same time a renewed sense of energy. I finally feel truly alive for the first time in a very long time! If you or someone you know are “stuck” where they don’t want to be, I highly recommend that you look into this amazing process and get free of whatever is holding you back from a life of joy. I cannot thank Kevin Fleming enough for his research in the neuro tech field and his kind and compassionate approach to healing.

KaroleeSeattle, WA

Thank you for giving my marriage & family a 2nd chance at happiness & peace. I can only imagine where we would be at this point if we did not acquire your help. Your insight, support and knowledge have been invaluable over the past 6 months. I enjoyed our time working together…

KimBoston, MA