I had been a binge drinker since I was a teenager. “Let’s have a few” and “always up for a good time” were part of my persona. After a tough day at work, a little numbing seemed ok. Drinking was an easy way to escape the white noise in life. But when my kids went off to college the opportunity to have a few (too many) and my ability to control myself became a more frequent problem. My drinking was affecting my relationship with my wife and kids, and I realized that this was not the person I wanted to be, and I needed help.

I am well known and respected in my profession and in the community and deeply value my privacy, so AA or group counselling was never an option.

I stumbling onto Doctor Fleming and his unconventional ways online. Skeptical, I read his book, and asked for references who all overwhelmingly helped my get over my reservations and I took the leap of faith.

After several calls and text messages Dr. Fleming went to work. I have known many people in my life, but none with his AMAZING ability to understand you and connect with you at your level. It is his true gift from God!

With never a pretense of judgment, Doc was able to help me understand how my relationship with my drink was more important than the relationship I craved with my wife and kids. Ultimately, he helped me understand how alcohol was keeping me from being “fully present” and re-programmed me so I could enjoy the relationships that mattered most in my life.

EdBoston, MA

Hello Dr. Fleming
I am taking the time to write you in appreciation for the tremendous help and value that your program was for me.
Your thorough professionalism combined with you kindness and caring was the key to paving the way for assisting me in taking the giant steps forward in my life. The human way that you presented the findings of your very scientific method allowed me to understand my past behaviour and implement the changes that are needed for a strong future.
Thank you again for the program you have developed.

TomToronto, Canada

Dr. Fleming’s approach helped me to attack the issues I faced of impulse control and to begin to recover from burnout by working on getting my adrenals to function better while he determined what kind of emotional state I was in with EQ testing. From there he worked to calm my brain through his neuro methods. I immediately started sleeping so much better and have had noticeable improvements in my ability to process and retain new information.

Nicholas S.Visalia,CA

Dr. Fleming is outstanding at taking complex problems and reducing them to approachable, achievable solutions, whether the problems arise in the work place or at home. He is a gifted life coach that is able not only to listen but to identify core issues and suggest functional solutions. In this regard, he is unique in the field.

Sam DudleyProvidence, RI

Serendipitous is how I would describe my initial connection with Dr. Kevin Fleming. I had reached out for a friend who needed career counseling. Kevin responded the next day and it was obvious to me that he has a warm and full heart. It is not often that someone wants to know “my story.” He was curious about me in that I was trying to help someone else. He saw a giving spirit in me.

Several years ago we lost our 15 year old son, Evan, to cancer. I was going through life hiding my sadness with a smile on my face. I had been operating on auto-pilot. My friend decided to find her own direction. I began thinking, “Hey, I would like some help!”

After meeting with Kevin for 3 days, I felt alive again. I was just trying to get through the day for so long. I was now filled with thoughts of things I wanted to do. It was truly life-altering. Just like he says in his video, something different was possible. A co-worker recently commented to me that I seem at peace. She knew nothing of my work with Kevin

Kevin also helped me get back to exercising. He talked me through the issues that were blocking me. He made suggestions on how I could work through my difficulty. To quote Dr. Fleming, he “Created doubt that the thing I was stuck on may not be the end all be all.”

Joan HalfordPhoenix, Arizona

Dear Doc,

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how impressed we are with you and your help with our son. Last summer we started noticing some very serious issues with him and getting addicted to drugs. He has always had impulse control issues, low self esteem, ADHD, learning disabilities and depression, but the drug problem was the last straw. I was constantly praying for wisdom and guidance on anything my husband and I could do. It was then that I came across your profile and clicked on it to see what you were all about.

Because I feel that it was no coincidence that I found you, I know God had a plan and it was for us to hire you to help our son! I remember the first time he agreed to talk on the phone with you, and how you made him feel like there is hope and you could help him. His face lit up and it was the first time he was willing to actually take steps to get help.

After the first visit we could see an improvement in his mood, decision making and his general demeanor. It is just amazing what you can do with your program and a person’s brain.

I just can’t thank you enough. You are a wonderful person! Your passion for helping people is so obvious and it is simply amazing what improvements he has made.

Your work has really saved his life! I know God put you in our lives at just the right time

Kristi and DennisSouth Bend, IN.

Kevin Fleming is an amazing teacher of life. My husband and I have been married for 27 years and felt disconnected from eachother. In a very short time,Dr. Fleming was able to bring out our true selves to help us see our communication breakdowns in such a wise, supportive way without us feeling “therapatized” He is a master at listening between the lines.He has such a cool, relatable, trusting vibe that makes it so easy to receive his help and wisdom. No BS in a good way! If your relationship isnt what you want it to be, you owe to yourselves to talk to him. We have undone years of unproductive communication with his support that I feel could have never been done with traditional therapy. We tried and didn’t receive any where near the insight and tools that Dr. Kevin was able to give us. Whether your relationship is new or old, if you feel you have small or big problems, Dr. Kevin can help you and it will be life changing for sure!

Tim and Kathy JosephBaltimore, MD

Before I worked with Dr. Fleming I was lost.  I did not know what direction my life was headed in and had no real life plan.  I had been this way for years and needed someone or something to help me make a change.  I was floating through life with a lack of motivation and was heading in a direction that was leading me nowhere.  I decided to do something about it and seek some professional help.  Dr. Fleming has some great reviews of his work and I decided to reach out for help from him.  It was the best thing I have ever done.  Dr. Fleming is easy to work with, very professional, and gained my trust immediately.  After having some sessions with him and doing some of his neurotech work, I felt like a new person.  It truly changed my life.  I am now focused, have a great job at a great company, and am definitely headed in the right direction in my life.  I could not have made these changes without Dr. Fleming’s help.  Even though our work together is technically done, Dr. Fleming continues to reach out and check in on me to make sure everything is going well.  He has been instrumental in helping me turn my life around and I would highly recommend him and his work to anyone that thinks they might need help.  You won’t regret it.  Thanks Doc!

Jim P.Dallas, TX

After a divorcing process there are many doubts, guilt and depression, Dr. Fleming helped me to identify the walls that I built and throw them away so I can see clearly and enjoy the blessings that I have.

Lourdes YerenaChicago, IL

Thank you Dr Fleming! It has been a pleasure working with you. You provided me great advice, challenged my way of thinking and helped save my marriage.

Brian SmithChile