“After employing Dr. Fleming’s management training and intensive executive coaching services, we grew as a company 46% the following year and while I do not believe Kevin was totally responsible, he was essential for paving the way for my team to work together in an unprecedented manner”

Laura HerringCEO, The Impact Group

“I have known Dr. Fleming for over ten years, and can recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone looking to achieve in this difficult business — his skills as a practitioner and insight as a remarkable human being are far beyond the pale.”

Stephen SuscoScreenwriter for Columbia Pictures' blockbuster The Grudge

Until working with Dr. Kevin Fleming, I’d always wondered what was stopping me from having a full life. For years I’d suffered the see-saw of work success OR personal life success. And, the people around me seemed to have the same troubles. While I was alternating between work and personal focuses, however, I often alternated between reluctantly accepting my situation and desperately wanting a better life.
Finally, as I neared my 40th birthday milestone, I decided that I would make a personal commitment to creating more balance and more prosperity. I researched executive coaches extensively and settled on Dr. Fleming for two key reasons:
He wasn’t interested in that “touchy-feely” approach that so often goes nowhere He immediately understood my situation and made clear, tangible recommendations about how to proceed.. He has an excellent approach to conducting business. We agreed that I would begin with a 360-degree assessment.
Dr. Fleming initiated the formal 360 Evaluation; facilitated the survey analysis and reports; and, conducted a thorough feedback session with me. Having had some experience with other profile-building tools as well as the Myers-Briggs tests, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. The reports and accompanying information were, quite frankly, superior to anything that I’d ever imagined. Reviewing the extensive materials was like seeing an x-ray of my life. I was able to quickly and clearly see how I was essentially coping with life – not setting myself up to thrive.
As I begin the next chapter of my professional relationship – and my life, I am focused and invigorated. The reports and Dr. Fleming’s guidance has allowed me to be aware of my faulty perspectives and embrace healthier, more productive ones. For the first time in four decades I have a clear sense of what I need to work on – and get this – it’s fun.

Eric WholleyAccount Director, Overdrive Marketing

“I came Kevin in the summer of 2009 looking for help with stress and its effect on my life. I, like most other executives, was dealing with unimaginable business scenarios. I had newly born twins and a lot of people looking to me for answers. Kevin was great in helping me identify what I could do differently in my life, both professionally and personally. As much help as this was I was still suffering the ill effects of sleep depravation brought on by stress and sleepless nights. My stress was keeping me from truly getting restful sleep or keeping me up while my mind raced with problems and solutions….Kevin then introduced some cutting edge brain retraining technology and amazingly my sleep started improving every night. Being well rested has changed my quality of life, my stress management and productivity immensely. Kevin’s role in this process was indispensable….. I can not recommend Kevin too highly; it is not an understatement to say that he embodies tools that are a revolutionary way to improve ones life.”

W. Parker LeeCEO, The Stratford Group

“…Dr. Fleming’s seminar was insightful and it is clear that his tools are light years ahead of traditional trainer approaches…”

Nayef StetiehChairman and CEO of BDC - Jordan

“…Dr. Fleming’s exceptional work on the brain in business thinking is critical for leaders….”

H.E. Nabil. AlSharifMinister of Industry and Trade

“…Dr.Kevin Fleming is an extraordinary coach with the striking combination of a brilliant mind and an exceedingly warm heart. He is able to artfully apply his understanding of neuropsychology and the philosophy of science to help people with a wide array of challenges in a refreshingly practical manner. If you are looking for someone who is able to inspire lasting change and transformation, Dr. Fleming is your man. Within minutes of meeting him, it will be obvious that his Renaissance spirit has somehow managed to marry the bottom line with an elevated understanding of the greatest challenges that individuals and businesses face. Working with Dr. Fleming is an experience you will likely remember for the rest of your life….”

Srini PillayM.D. CEO, NeuroBusiness Group Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

“We had the great fortune of working with Dr Kevin Fleming; producing a video series for Pfizer Colleagues in which he provided cutting edge strategies for managing stress. Not only did Dr Fleming afford these cutting edge strategies, his engaging approach on camera has produced an entertaining and highly informative resource for our colleagues. His work has captivated our colleagues and offered them a new and refreshing approach for managing 21st century stressors.My experience has taught me that a good coach can get others to believe in them and what they teach; yet a great coach can get others to believe in themselves and what they can achieve. Dr Fleming is that kind of a coach, one who can foster both action and ongoing change in others.His knowledge of neuroscience and human behavior is surpassed only by his integrity and genuine consideration of others.We thank him for one of the most successful campaigns we have provided to our colleagues.”

Tony RicciMS, CSCS, LDN, CISSN, CNS Pfizer Nutritionist - Pfizer Occupational Health & Wellness Director - RICCI Elite Performance & Nutrition