For almost a decade I have been battling with anxiety, feeling alone and having these internal negative conversations with my self at all hours of the day and night. Eventually, the anxiety led to depression. Symptomatically, I was having extreme night sweats, loss of appetite, severe muscle cramping, insomnia (maybe 1 to 2 hours of sleep per night) and nausea. My quality of life went from an athletic, outdoorsy social person to an extremely miserable antisocial hermit that would spend days in bed sick and feeling depressed. So many negative thoughts would enter my head and I couldn’t get rid of them no matter what I did. I went to doctors, specialists, therapists, tried over the counter medications, pharmaceutical medications, alcohol, and marijuana. The little relief I would get in the moment would be short lived only to find myself feeling more depressed and hopeless than I did before. I really was at the end of my rope! I, then, came upon Dr. Fleming who was my last hope. Not completely understanding what it was that Dr. Fleming did, and, being so desperate I had to give him a chance. After spending four days being treated, I can only say that I am a different person today. The recurring negative thoughts, depression, anxiety and insomnia are basically gone. My worst fear was that all of that would return. It’s been almost two months now, and each day keeps getting better. My whole outlook on life and myself has changed. I don’t feel the need nor have the desire to self medicate to escape anymore. I am so very grateful to a man that sincerely cares and has helped me get my life back!!


“It is a privilege to write regarding our experience with our son and Dr. Fleming. When we came to him the bottom had fallen out of my son’s life (so to speak). His internet addiction had pretty much ruined major parts of his life. A broken engagement and lots of other wreckage in the wake. For us as parents we knew that we needed to seek help immediately that would provide intense treatment. That is what I feel we got with Dr. Fleming. Looking back I know that inpatient treatment might have provided initial crisis intervention, but what we got with Doc. was a constant connection and modification of behavior as well as a plan for how to deal with the addiction when it resurfaced again.

Crucial to our son’s treatment was the neuro steps in balancing the functional activity. We saw subtle at first then more apparent changes as time went on. Our son had one more semester left in college and we had almost given up that he would be able to complete that. However, with the neuro treatment, as well as, follow up with his colleague for the hormone balancing and neurotransmitters we saw that he would complete graduation and in fact with higher grades than any other semester. He was focused and the addiction was no longer ruling his life if that makes sense. Doc had also helped him to develop coping skills for when the pressure would come and he would be tempted to revert back to those coping behaviors.

All of the above, combined with the one on one contact with Doc, truly helped my son to become successful. Getting those texts or calls and asking him where he was on the scale were essential to success. I asked my son last evening how he feels the treatment went (this is 1 1/2) years out), and he said he would not be where he is now without it. He still has temptation times when the addiction rears it’s ugly head, but now he knows how to cope and what he needs to do.He has tools. Today he is empowered and successful in his career as a Fire Fighter because he knows the addiction does not control him.

I hope that is all clear and gives your some help in making your decision. For us to have the constant contact with Doc through email, conference calls, and a few face to face was very helpful. We learned where to ask our son how he was doing and not too put pressure on through Doc’s careful guidance. I would have made major mistakes without that counsel.”

CKDubai, UAE
Our experience with Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters International was highly positive. His insights into our 21 year old son were revealing and crucial for us, as parents, to better understand his thoughts, fears and dreams. Kevin was always available and challenging not only to our son, but also to us. We needed help and Kevin delivered. We added complexity with our inability to meet face-to-face. Kevin navigated this challenge we presented very successfully. For us, Kevin was the right fit and was very open up-front about what he expected to accomplish. We found that highly refreshing and reassuring as we embarked on our journey. We offer our highest praise for Kevin.
ParentsNew Jersey
“I found Dr Flemings approach to , in my layman’s term of “balancing my self”, very effective. I know I feel better than I have in years, but in addition my reaction to matters that occur has very much changed. My children have said to my Wife, “boy Dad is different!” Now I was not Attila the Hun but I am living a more peaceful life and not allowing stressors to effect my moods and inner peace. Yes I still have to set boundaries as we have four adult children so we have to at times, but I do it with peace. I also bounce back from stressful events much easier and do not dwell on matters that occur. So I am very please with Dr Fleming’s services.”
J. C.New York, NY

“Kevin, the YMCA participants evaluated your presentation skills as a 4.9 out of 5, and they stated that the parts they appreciated most were the insights they received on their 360 assessments and the piece on the organizational culture. In addition, they also enjoyed spending time with you during the meals. Thanks for a job well done!”

Marc HardyDirector of Nonprofit Executive Programs, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame

“The keynote by Dr. Kevin J. Fleming was rich in its contribution to the overall success of the conference and significantly added to our knowledge. Not isolated from the psychological aspect, organizational transformation encounters compelling needs and implications regarding the perception and conviction of people towards change. This fact was emphasized through the presentation, taking into consideration that the core of transformation is the human element, and people, in order to change ,need to have a good and positive perception of things. The presentation was beneficial in tackling how people have different perceptions about the same thing or phenomenon, which means that the there is variance between the real image and the “in-mind” image which is formed based upon our own way of thinking that determines how we see things. This is very important because, as the presentation stated, there is no organizational transformation without personal transformation. Part of our role in public sector development is personal transformation; this linkage was highlighted and was highly value-adding to our team in emphasizing that organizational transformation needs shift in our way and level of thinking.We would like as Ministry of Public Sector Development to extend our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fleming’s courtesy for his participation and his valuable contribution to the conference, in addition to the distinctive and interesting management of the presentation.”

Cabinet Member for the King of Jordan

“Dr. Fleming delivers a message of accountability in the workplace from a new and fresh perspective. Go beyond brainstorming. Ask the tough questions. Voice your internal dialogue. There is real financial (and emotional) profit to be enjoyed by businesses and business people who can master first allowing, and then examining, the truth.”

Lori ThompsonLeadership Development Consultant and Editor of The Business Journal
“A provocative and highly constructive challenge to our basic assumptions. This book will have you re-thinking many of your existing ideas and practices.”
Gerald ZaltmanProfessor of Business Administration Emeritus, Harvard Business School and Partner, Olson Zaltman Associates

“A tremendous journey of self enlightenment. Dr. Fleming turns life’s half truths in psychology, business, and religion into solutions that set you free to live your life to the fullest. Read this book today and realize your destiny!”

Patrick SnowBest-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Dr. Kevin Fleming puts the conscience back in counseling, the ethics back in business and the meaning back in religion. A practical guide for unlearning the subtleties of unwanted patterns that habituate the same results in life.”

Dr. Joe DispenzaAuthor of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. Also featured in the multi-award winning movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!?