Before I met Dr. Fleming, I spent many days in a dark place unable to get a hold of my spiraling life. Many years of childhood trauma left me with anxiety, depression, and many days I desire not to exist. Working with Dr. Fleming and his Neuro tech has truly turned my life around. His techniques have brought me to a place that many years of counseling and antidepressants could not achieve. His approach is no nonsense while being quite compassionate. He is a joy to work with.

I feel more clear, more optimistic, and have more energy than I have had in years. Coworkers, family members and friends have noticed a change in me. This change has been described as more focus, happier, with a more positive outlook. The work that we have done together has been exactly what I have needed to make the changes in my life that I have desired.

SherriChicago, IL

After suffering a burnout following several months of significantly high stress in my role as a CFO; I went searching for support to help me through a program of recovery. I was having significant sleep issues and feeling a lot of anxiety. For the first time in my life I took a medical leave as the level of anxiety, stress and insomnia took a significant toll on me.
I discovered Dr. Fleming after looking into alternative treatments as I was not interested in taking any type of medication; however I knew I needed assistance.

After a number of emails and text conversations with Dr. Fleming, I decided to fly to Tulsa for neurotech work. Dr. Fleming is a true professional, he truly cares about making a difference and his approach reflects a duty of care, warmth, a concern for his clients, smarts/intelligence and an ability to adapt treatments based on what shows up, his instincts and extensive experience.

After 4 days in Tulsa, I came back home feeling calmer, reduced anxiety and most importantly my sleep improved significantly. I discovered that my brain was super aroused and Dr. Flemings work helped to reduce the level of arousal and related anxiety. Through Dr. Fleming work, I also discovered that my neurotransmitters where low and not balanced. The suggested supplements helped to rebalance the neurotransmitters and contributed to my recovery. I am really thankful to Dr. Fleming for his alternative approach, professionalism and the care and concern he show to me.

RobToronto, Canada

When I first contacted Dr. Fleming, I was suffering long-term trauma and grief due to my husband’s progressive illness and ultimate suicide. Left in shock, with two teenagers, a mortgage, and a business to run, I turned to alcohol. I was self-medicating my problems, making them worse, and didn’t know where to turn. I tried many ways of treating or solving my problems, and none of them created the result that I was seeking.

Dr. Fleming was immediately responsive to my situation, and happened to have a trip planned to my area several weeks later. He was able to fit me in and we worked intensively together over four days. He was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, straightforward, and wise throughout the process.

What had seemed like a hopeless situation is no longer hopeless. I feel like a new person, or my “old self” from many years ago. Working with Dr. Fleming has changed my life for the better. I no longer need alcohol, I am sleeping better, I feel more calm and relaxed than I can remember, and I have new tools for moving forward.

Dr. Fleming’s treatment process works!

KHSeattle, WA

Dr. Fleming saved our marriage. If you read nothing but this, know that we didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel either. After years of riding an emotional roller coaster and both us being at our wit’s end, we found and contacted Dr. Fleming. His straight forward, no B.S. approach appealed to us as we are receptive to that kind of communication style and felt we no longer had the ‘time’ to invest in our relationship or saving it, for that matter. This is not the traditional therapy route; his approach is real, raw and holistic. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. He is worth every penny, he kept our family together.

Allie and NickSan Jose, CA

I met Dr. Kevin Fleming, “Doc”, in mid 2018. I was searching for answers to what I described as a “career midlife crisis”. I was very frustrated dealing with “fight or flight” responses to many issues and knew that I needed a different approach. Doc connected with me immediately and after several exchanges online, he went to work. With his coaching coupled with the neuroscience session, I began to feel more centered and balanced in my emotions and decision making. I truly feel I had a breakthrough for which I am grateful. Thank you Doc!

JTDallas, TX

The discovery of Dr Fleming and his neuro work was an answer to my prayers in finding help for my son. Patrick was suffering from severe trauma resulting from two different auto accidents that left him filled with anger and eventually rage. I knew therapy alone would not be enough and felt in my mind and heart this made sense. Something had changed in him after the last accident. After talking with the Doc about how the neuro would work my son agreed to give it a chance. As he started the sessions he was unsure but the Doc involved him in explaining the science and things began to change. Every session my son was becoming more engaged , relaxed, and positive. It was amazing !!

Thank you Dr Fleming for changing our lives and giving us back our son. Patrick is on his way to new things and looking to his future.

Forever Grateful our paths have met!

L.S.HuntAustin, TX

JOY – the exchange of change

JOY – the exchange of change

TRUTH – a necessary reality

TRUTH – a necessary reality

WORDS – thinking behind our thinking

WORDS – thinking behind our thinking

CHALLENGE – change without tradeoffs

CHALLENGE – change without tradeoffs