“The keynote by Dr. Kevin J. Fleming was rich in its contribution to the overall success of the conference and significantly added to our knowledge. Not isolated from the psychological aspect, organizational transformation encounters compelling needs and implications regarding the perception and conviction of people towards change. This fact was emphasized through the presentation, taking into consideration that the core of transformation is the human element, and people, in order to change ,need to have a good and positive perception of things. The presentation was beneficial in tackling how people have different perceptions about the same thing or phenomenon, which means that the there is variance between the real image and the “in-mind” image which is formed based upon our own way of thinking that determines how we see things. This is very important because, as the presentation stated, there is no organizational transformation without personal transformation. Part of our role in public sector development is personal transformation; this linkage was highlighted and was highly value-adding to our team in emphasizing that organizational transformation needs shift in our way and level of thinking.We would like as Ministry of Public Sector Development to extend our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fleming’s courtesy for his participation and his valuable contribution to the conference, in addition to the distinctive and interesting management of the presentation.”

Cabinet Member for the King of Jordan

“Dr. Fleming delivers a message of accountability in the workplace from a new and fresh perspective. Go beyond brainstorming. Ask the tough questions. Voice your internal dialogue. There is real financial (and emotional) profit to be enjoyed by businesses and business people who can master first allowing, and then examining, the truth.”

Lori ThompsonLeadership Development Consultant and Editor of The Business Journal
“A provocative and highly constructive challenge to our basic assumptions. This book will have you re-thinking many of your existing ideas and practices.”
Gerald ZaltmanProfessor of Business Administration Emeritus, Harvard Business School and Partner, Olson Zaltman Associates

“A tremendous journey of self enlightenment. Dr. Fleming turns life’s half truths in psychology, business, and religion into solutions that set you free to live your life to the fullest. Read this book today and realize your destiny!”

Patrick SnowBest-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Dr. Kevin Fleming puts the conscience back in counseling, the ethics back in business and the meaning back in religion. A practical guide for unlearning the subtleties of unwanted patterns that habituate the same results in life.”

Dr. Joe DispenzaAuthor of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. Also featured in the multi-award winning movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“A great book that tackles the subject in an honest and refreshing way…”

Andrew GrantManaging Partner, TIRIAN International

Written honestly & from the heart. When Bossidy & Charan published Execution it was a massive hit because of the real life issues that were addressed, along with real life measurable results. Doc Fleming has a refreshing approach and ability to cut through the corporate hype and get people to act, not think, out of the box. This book is up there with the best and a must read for everyone who is tired of hearing what people “think” they want to hear. If you’re looking for dynamic change in your organization, get Doc Flemings cure!

Phillip G. WrenChairman & CEO, United Publishing & Media Group USA

“Once in a blue moon, along comes a ‘healing hands’ intellect so robust, experimental and innovative as Dr. Kevin Fleming’s. Read this book, then. And expect miracles!”

Dudley LynchAuthor of international bestselling business book STRATEGY OF THE DOLPHIN

“A wonderfully different and authentic approach from the who doesn’t like shrinks.”

Richard KochAuthor of the bestseller THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE

“This isn’t just the mundane of ‘lets talk about it’. It’s the support and encouragement to move forward in life, contemplate morality, evaluate personal strengths, weaknesses, success and happiness, and his willingness to call you on your baggage. Dr. Fleming keeps it real!

Ari D. KotlerManaging member Kotler Family LLC